08 May 2016


Good news boys and girls, next month I'll be heading to Caen!

Yes, I have another conference this time. I am again the first author, and so this is quite exciting. I have attended the previous iteration of this conference series, two years ago, in Pisa. And since this is a conference that rather fits my research topic quite well, I suppose I wasn't hesitant to submit another abstract when the next conference call was released two years later.

This will be my third time in France, though to be honest, my previous stays were quite brief and I cannot say I know France quite well. My first visit was a simple daytrip to Strasbourg, while spending the Christmas holidays in the suburbs of Karlsruhe. Then I spent Easter weekend in Paris last year. That's about it. So needless to say, I am excited to see a little bit more of France this time, this time in Normandy in the north.

And yes, if I get the chance to see things, I will post pictures!


  1. Pro-tip: pronounciation of "Caen" is weird, it sounds like "quand" ("when" in French). It's not ka-an but "kan".

    1. Zhu,

      Thanks! I also realized I need to make sure the difference between Caen and Cannes, otherwise, I might end up in the wrong city!