15 September 2016

Sauntering in Slovenia: Vintgar Gorge

The first thing we did in Bled was head to this gorge, which is located north of the lake. The drive was a little tricky, but thankfully we had a very reliable navigation system, which helped us a lot. After driving for about 20 minutes from where we were staying, we found the entrance and the parking lot.

Vintgar Gorge reminds me of Watkins Glen in the Finger Lakes, which are also gorges carved by rivers and glaciers. Vintgar Gorge is actually the first gorge in Slovenia that became accessible to visitors, to the point that "vintgar" became a word in Slovenian to refer to any gorge, not just this particular one.

The gorge trail is almost 2 kilometers long, and one goes through wooden walkways and bridges along its sides to see the whole thing. There are plenty of stairs, but overall it is a very good hike.

My pictures above show more or less in chronological order how the gorge looks like as seen from the hike. It is pretty, definitely. We went in the middle of summer, so it was high season, but nevertheless it didn't feel crowded at all.


  1. If you hadn't mentioned the country, I would have thought of Costa Rica! Funny how these little natural paradise can be found in many places on earth.

    I can spend hours looking at waterfalls and rapids... I find them soothing.

    1. Zhu,

      It did remind me of Central America, especially Guatemala, when I visited Semuc Champey. Now that you mention it the scenery is quite similar!