14 May 2018

Headhunting Ego Boost

A couple of months ago, I was contacted by a recruiter, who told me that their company was looking for someone with a profile like mine in order to fill a newly-created position. I looked at the job description, and while I am currently not looking for a new job, the position looked interesting enough that I didn't want to ignore it. So I responded. In any case, at least I could learn and get an idea what lies beyond.

See, the crucial point is that I wanted an idea what might be my next career step. I am still having fun in my current position, but it is nevertheless good to think about what to do next. What might be my next step? What would be my next role and responsibilities? So I was curious.

I told the recruiter that - I told them that I was more curious than actually looking for a new job. In any case, I scored a couple of interviews. And then at some point I learned what I still need to learn. There was indeed a point where I realised that I would be surprised if they decided to move forward with me.

In the end, they eliminated me after two interviews. But that was already useful for me, in the sense that I learned what are the skills that I need to develop if I want to take on more responsibilities. I've put that on the list.

And yes, the experience was an ego boost. And sometimes you need one of those things!


  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with a (deserved) ego boost, especially after dedicating so much energy to changing field not that long ago. Good for you!

    1. Zhu,

      Thanks! It's indeed a good feeling to know that someone is interested in what I'm doing, given that I haven't been doing this for a long time. It's a verification of some sort, I would say.