16 May 2018

México 2.0: Onward to Mexico City

After spending two nights in Taxco, it was time to move on. I was heading to Mexico City, and spending three nights there. So after taking a shower, I quickly packed my bag and headed to the bus station in Taxco, and I bought a ticket for the next bus to Mexico City. A 3 hour bus ride awaited.

Was it 3 hours? I think it was more. But in any case, I saw a couple of movies during the bus ride. I realised that I actually like the feeling of moving, these long-distance bus rides, where you're actually travelling. Sometimes I find it more interesting than the other aspects of the trip.

Anyway, after a few hours, by the time it was lunch time, we entered Mexico City. And sure enough, the giant metropolis with all its problems and issues awaits. There are traffic jams, for example. We were coming from the south, and the bus needed to go to the Tasqueña Bus Station. By the time we were on the main street, the bus was more or less crawling. There were so many cars!

Anyway, we eventually got to the bus station, and I found a secure taxi to take me to the Zocalo, where I was staying. Suddenly everything reminds me of the Philippines, and of Manila. There's plenty of cars, people, buses going left and right, and in general, chaos.

I was chatting with the taxi driver, who was eager to point out his city's misgivings and negative aspects. Smog, for example, was hanging above us. It was probably faster to have taken the metro, but then again, the metro is typically packed with people like sardines, and I didn't think that was a good idea especially I had a large backpack with me.

After half an hour, I almost reached the Zocalo. I got off a few blocks south of it, as it became clear that it was faster if I were to just walk from there to where I wanted to go. So I left the taxi.

I was staying for 3 nights in Mexico City. It's time to turn my street smarts.


  1. Glad to see Mexico is still showing movies in buses! The tradition is almost gone in South America, passengers just play with their phones...

    1. Zhu,

      Ah, this tradition is rather thriving in Mexico! In almost all the buses I have been into, there was a movie playing!