02 May 2018

The Joys of Having a Large Bathroom

I was out of town for a bit recently. And where I was, the prices of real estate were rather high. So this fact was reflected in the hotel we stayed in. The bathroom was rather small, and the shower area was just a small square basin set in the corner of the bathroom, which allowed only one person in the shower at any one time. This means that during the five days I was there, I had to modify my shower habits slightly.

See, I couldn't really stretch my arms. I also didn't have the space to stand back and check whether the water was of a temperature to my liking. Back at home, I could turn on the shower, and then I could stand back and wait until the water warmed up and was bearable. When I was in my hotel, the shower started cold and I basically got a little shock as cold water gushed out, warming up a few minutes later.

I also bumped my head a few times. I would reach back and soap my ass which I would typically do by leaning back and scrubbing my back, but it seemed to involve wide arm movements, which just made me bump against the glass walls of this square cubicle. Obviously, I had to adapt quickly and modify my behaviour.

In any case again it was an opportunity to appreciate what I have at home. So when I came back home, I was acutely aware of the creature comforts that we have. And this time, I came to appreciate how large our shower cabin was at home. It's definitely not something one can take for granted.


  1. Sounds like a French shower! :-D

    One thing we noticed last winter is that Brazil, overall, has the best showers and Argentina the smallest ones. Which is strange in a way because both countries are big (i.e. space isn't at a premium) and citizens of both countries are about the same average height/weight so presumably, Argentinians could use bigger showers.

    1. Zhu,

      Indeed, it was a French shower!

      Funny you made that observation in Brazil and Argentina. My personal experiences didn't allow me to reach such a conclusion on the countries I have visited, as mostly the showers are quite large enough to be comfortable and unremarkable, and I only notice them when they are remarkably small, like in Paris.