29 June 2018

México 2.0: Biblioteca Palafoxiana in Puebla

Plenty of travellers nowadays seek "hidden gems". Well, perhaps I found one, in Puebla. Though I must say, I found it with the help of a guidebook. So if you read a guidebook, you'll find this one. On the other hand, if you despise guidebooks, then you probably won't even know this place exists. This is the Biblioteca Palafoxiana, the first public library in the Americas, located within the Casa de la Cultura, a cultural institution located within a former bishop's palace.

See, this fascinating library isn't quite obvious from the outside. You enter this building, and you'll see an interior courtyard. You explore several staircases and then you find this hidden room in the back. They sell entrance tickets, but it isn't prohibitive. And when you get in, you feel like suddenly you're sent a few centuries back in time.

I was there gazing at the collections, and I couldn't help but be amazed at the preserved documents this library holds. It is something that perhaps nerds would definitely enjoy, like me.

I suppose little things like these are what makes Puebla enjoyable for me. I can simply explore the streets and you find little treasures left and right.


  1. It... it's beautiful! I bet the smell was interesting too, I'm guessing a mix of paper and wood. Heaven.

    Oh, wait. We don't believe in heaven.

    1. Zhu,

      Haha, I probably won't take the metaphor too seriously. But indeed it was a very mesmerising place.