19 July 2018

México 2.0: Museo Nacional de Antropología

The last thing I saw in Mexico was the Museo Nacional de Antropología, or the National Museum of Anthropology. It is a national museum, and the largest and most visited museum in Mexico. I wanted to go here, since I didn't make it when I first visited back in 2011. So on my last day, I packed my bags, had breakfast, checked out of my hotel, and stored my luggage with the concierge. After doing so, I headed out and rode the metro heading to Chapultepec Park, where this museum is located.

I came early, and so when I got there, there wasn't a queue yet. I easily got a ticket, and went to the exhibits.

It is a fairly large museum, with plenty of things to see. They have an extensive collection of sculpture and other artifacts from various cultures and ethnicities that can be found in the country. If there's anything one would learn after visiting this museum, it is the realisation that Mexico is a very multicultural country, with a very diverse population.

What I found most impressive was the collection of massive Aztec statues and other sculptures. I don't know much about Aztec mythology nor culture, but from the statues that I have seen here, they are quite complex and intricate. Of course, there is the famous Aztec Sunstone, the Disc of Mictlantecuhtli, the Statue of Xiuhcoatl, an Olmec colossal head, and various other important artifacts. Archeaologists definitely have a field trip here in Mexico.

Of course, not to be missed are the massive exhibitions of the various cultures of Mexico. The exhibits are arranged per region, so you can just go and focus on a region you like, and you can learn a lot about the cultures that are found in that region. The displays involve plenty of different materials, from dioramas to life-size exhibits, to many displays of artefacts from everyday life.

I definitely recommend a visit here. One would learn a lot from this museum, and for me, it made me realise how colourful and varied the Mexican population is.

This wraps up my Mexican travelogues. After my museum visit, it was time to go home. I had lunch in a nice restaurant near the area, and afterwards I headed back to my hotel, chilled for a little bit, and then picked up my luggage and ordered a taxicab. After some minutes, I reached the airport, found the Lufthansa check in counter, and deposited my bag. 11 hours later, I was in Frankfurt, and after another short hop to Berlin, I was back home. Stay tuned here, as always, a new adventure awaits!

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