11 September 2018


Berlin's summers aren't hot and scorching periods. But every now and then, there are stretches of days when things are just too hot. This was the case during the end of July, when temperatures kept on pushing up to mid-30s and it was really hot outside.

I am actually glad that there is air conditioning where I work. Not every office has air conditioning, so having one at work is a privilege I must say. And at home, these are the times when we simply keep the curtains closed, with the thick fabric blocking the sun and the heat from coming into the house.

Every now and then I wonder whether summers have temperatures that are rising higher and higher year after year. Perhaps the effects of global warming are already being felt? It is therefore sad that some people don't even believe global warming and climate change is a thing.

Anyway, during temperatures like these, I'd rather stay at home than go wandering outdoors. It's probably not sexy to collapse in the middle of a trail in the countryside.


  1. It was hot in Brittany as well, but I didn't mind. We went to the beach and Nantes is a good place to be when it's hot, there's water around! Paris must have been stuffy, though.

    1. Zhu,

      The only thing I am worried about is more the future. If mid-30s is the new normal in 2018, what about 20 years later? I would be afraid if the trends keep on going higher and higher.