23 October 2018

A Sojourn in Southern Holland: Zeeuws Museum

As I mentioned in my previous post, Middelburg flourished during the Dutch Golden Age. This period is well-documented in the Zeeuws Museum, housed in the Middelburg Abbey.

The museum begins with a dark-room exhibit of old items and other artefacts from the Dutch colonies. Dutch explorers were all over the place, so they brought back home plenty of different objects from various continents. It shows how powerful the Dutch marine machinery was, and all of those passed through Middelburg.

There were also interesting historical exhibits, from bones of large animals to archaeological digs.

Nowadays, Middelburg is a small town, but nevertheless there are local artists with a thriving art scene. Some local artists have contributed to a series of modern art displays in the museum, a sample of which is portrayed by my photos above.

After exploring Middelburg, it was time to head back to Leiden. So I took the train back. I have a day left to explore Leiden before it's time to go back home.


  1. This statue with the hair is gonna haunt my dreams...

    1. Zhu,

      Hahaha! There's plenty of creepy things in there I agree!