01 October 2018

Walking in the Midst of Dead Swirling Leaves

Autumn is here. After one final week of warm weather, where the temperatures were hovering between 25 and 32 C, some strong wind came and dropped the numbers immediately. Now, we're see-sawing within the 8 to 16 C range, so it definitely is time to bring out the sweaters and the cardigans. It's also the time for dead leaves.

Yeah, the other day, I saw the city's street cleaners wearing their bright orange jackets, carrying machines that blow leaves around so that it's easy to manage and maneuver, because otherwise the leaves would just be piling up on the sidewalk and on the street. The large plastic bags are here, as well as the street vacuum cleaning vehicles that suck the leaves from the pavement. And of course, when it rains, this is also the time when the dead leaves stick on the underside of your shoes, such that you have to wipe them clean before you enter your house.

Perhaps autumn is my most favourite season, mostly because I spent 7 years in the northeastern United State where autumn is such a visually splendid season. I remember donning sweaters and heading out to state parks in order to view the fall colours, which were absolutely stunning. We don't have those here in Europe, perhaps because the striking balance between lowered temperatures and not-so-rainy dryness is not easily achieved as it is in North America.

Another thing that I get reminded of during autumn time is the warm cosy evenings, where interesting drinks like pumpkin spiced lattes and gingerbread cookies start to appear. There's of course Thanksgiving as well as Halloween, and even though I don't really celebrate these occasions, these events tended to be excuses to hang out with friends and their families, which was always an enjoyable event.

Anyway, after a long and hot summer, I am looking forward to this winter. Hopefully it isn't too cold either, but I actually would prefer bundling up than stripping down.


  1. Temperatures dropped after the tornadoes last week, but the leaves are still green. It's going to change fast, I can feel it.

    1. Zhu,

      The temperatures have dropped here too, but next week things are picking up again that we're going to see temperatures in the mid-20s once more! Crazy!