24 November 2018

Last-Minute Escape to Frankfurt

During the first week of August, I had a last-minute trip to Frankfurt. See, Frankfurt isn't your typical destination, unless you're in finance. However, it turns out that my sister was going to be in the area that weekend, and so it was a chance to see her and hang out a little bit. When the only family member you have lives across the Atlantic, you take every opportunity to see them, when they're closer than usual.

Anyway, earlier that week, my sister told us that she would be in Frankfurt that weekend. So I checked out my calendar as well as my bank account, and after determining that my weekend was free, and that I could afford a last-minute flight and accommodation in Frankfurt, I booked a flight. I made sure that my sister had some time to hang out, which was on top of the reason why she was in town. I found a place to stay in the centre of town, and I was all set.

On Friday afternoon, after work, I headed to the airport, and took a quick flight with Lufthansa. I have been to Frankfurt Airport before, but never to the city. I always just used the airport to catch a connecting flight with Lufthansa's large network. This was the first time I actually left the airport, where I took the train to get to the city.

It was a very hot weekend, I remember. My hotel was near the main train station, and there was no air conditioning. It was a convenient location, but if I were to repeat this trip, I would probably stay somewhere else, as the area was actually quite sketchy, as the red-light district was very close by. During my first night, I was walking to get to a restaurant, when people were rubbing their hands on me as they were inviting me to their nightclubs. I just ignored them and walked further.

On Saturday, I had some time by myself, as my sister was still catching up on her sleep. I visited the main cemetery, as well as a modern art museum. After these visits, I finally met with my sister as well as a friend of hers and we were just hanging out the whole afternoon.

On Sunday, I checked out of my hotel, and then met with my sister and her friend. We went to Heidelberg and spent the whole day there, though to be honest, I was more spending time with my sister and not actually sight-seeing. I felt that the time was too rushed and I would definitely want to go back to Heidelberg and properly explore the town when I get the chance. That time, I was trying to hang out with my sister and so I wasn't really focused when walking around town.

In any case I have some pictures. These will come soon, of course, so stay tuned.


  1. I didn't associate Frankfurt with finance. In my mind, it's a travel hub... oh, and also famous in France for the "saucisses"!

    1. Zhu,

      Well, several major banks have their headquarters in Frankfurt, as well as the German stock exchange. If you walk at the city centre you'll see giant euro symbols, literally!