30 June 2019

Year 15

Wow, I am starting my 15th year of blogging!

This blog is definitely still going strong. If it were a child, it's a teenager now, possibly with some issues. Though I must say, this blog is rather well-behaved.

Nothing much has changed around here. There are still things I regularly talk about. I am still posting pictures of travels I have done recently, and I am still talking about travel, books, music, or theatre, which are the things I feel most interested in. There's still the random rant. This pattern will still persist.

Speaking of repeating patterns, I still travelled. And in the past year I visited two new countries, Vietnam and Turkey, bringing my country count to 50. I also came back to a few countries, such as Denmark, Qatar, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Spain. And as before, I also went to a few places within Germany. And yes, I am still in Berlin, as roots have been planted by now. Heck, I even applied for permanent residence.

I suppose aside from that, there isn't any major change. I still like my life outside of academia. In fact, I would even say I am having fun with it, learning new things along the way (ask me about data protection and you'll get what I mean).

So this is the beginning of Year 15. Again, I still don't know how long I'll keep this blog up, but for the moment, it will stay. It's a nice distraction anyway.

So there, onward to Year 15. I hope you'll still hang around.


  1. To another year of blogging! Crazy to think that we have been chronicling big and small life moments for so long, almost half of our life, actually.

    1. Zhu,

      To another year indeed! 15 years is a long time, and you're right, it's crazy to think that we've been doing this that long. I think I'll still hang around for now though, who knows!