18 March 2020

Peru, 11 Years Later: Huaca de la Luna

Aside from Chan Chan, there is another archaeological site near Trujillo. This is the Huaca de la Luna, or Temple of the Moon. This temple is actually forming a larger archaeological complex, together with the Huaca del Sol. However, the Huaca del Sol isn't open for visitors, as it is still an actual archaeological dig.

I took a microbus which eventually took me to the entrance. There was a small museum that showcased the findings from the site. The site was built by the Moche people, which was in existence between 100 and 700 AD. This structure is made of adobe and brick, and has plenty of murals depicting various mythological creatures.

Huaca del Sol was partially destroyed and looted, yet for some reason, Huaca de la Luna was untouched. Hence, even now archaeologists are digging it up, uncovering multiple levels of walls depicting very interesting murals. Most of these murals depict the deity of the Moche, which I must say, was interesting to look at.

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