20 March 2020

Motivating People

Recently, there was an event at work which was rather challenging. It involved several moving parts, and it also involved the cooperation of multiple other teams. Basically, because of some event (which I won't provide details about), it felt like a tornado has passed through the building.

The thing is, however, during this event, I learned a few things. I learned how to move people. I don't have a team of my own, but my work typically puts me in situations where I have a temporary team: a group of people whose lead tells them to do what I say. I have several of those already, and this last time it was a very crucial moment, even to the point that we gave people incentives to work extra if they wanted to. And the surprising thing is that many people actually went and joined forces.

It is a humbling realisation, to realise that without the help of these other people, one would be powerless. And only when there's a good motivation keeping everyone moving forward, would we as a team be able to move mountains. I have had several of those instances recently, which I must say, is a great feeling to experience.

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