22 March 2020

Peru, 11 Years Later: Huaca Huallamarca

After Trujillo, I took a flight and headed back to Lima. It's almost time to go home. I planned two more nights in Lima, before I headed back to Europe. And while I was there, I took the chance to visit other parts of the city I haven't been to yet, like San Isidro. This is an area of the city that happens to be the location of the Huaca Huallamarca, another archaeological site.

This is an interesting place. It's right in the middle of fancy houses and mansions. It's smack in the middle of nice neighbourhoods, where the upper middle class lives. There's a small museum one can check out, which contains a few artefacts as well as mummies. And after the museum, one can climb up the archaeological structure, which is smack in the middle of the city.

The Huaca Huallamarca actually provides an interesting perspective on the city. When you climb up, you're given a great view of the financial district of Lima, which all the makes it funny that such an archaeological site is in the middle of it all.

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