30 September 2020

A Week in Franconia: Old Town Bamberg

Bamberg was my first stop. I took an ICE train from Berlin early one morning, and less than three hours later, I found myself in Bamberg's train station. I would be staying here for three nights. I found my hotel easily and was able to drop off my bags. I used the afternoon to explore the compact Old Town.

Bamberg is a university town, so there are quite a few establishments that are geared toward students. There were also quite a few local visitors that day, perhaps because most travellers opted to go for a domestic holiday this year, like me. In any case, after a short walk I found myself in the Old Town, and there's plenty of things to see.

The Altes Rathaus is perhaps Bamberg's most famous building. It was first mentioned in 1387, so this is definitely a very old building. When I visited, there were several couples getting married, and this building is a famous location for such events. It is positioned right by the water, and there's a section of the building that looks like it is going to almost fall and get swept by the current.

Later on I found myself at the Domplatz, which is a square where you can find Bamberg's cathedral, as well as the palace. The palace, also known as the Neue Residenz, is right across the cathedral. I entered it and I am devoting a post to it later. There is also the Alte Hofhaltung which houses a museum; I didn't check out this museum, yet I visited the courtyard of this old building complex. This is what you can see above.

I of course entered the cathedral, the Bamberger Dom. It was founded in 1002, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. However, I must say that the interior wasn't particularly impressive.

Bamberg has a couple of hills around the Old Town. I checked out one of them, the Michaelsberg, which has a former monastery on the top. Nowadays this monastery complex is an old people's home. The views however are still stunning. There is a small footpath that leads down from the hill back to the Old Town.

I spent a total of three nights in Bamberg, using it as a base to explore the nearby areas. During the evenings, I wandered around and saw different areas of the Old Town, which are pictured above. It's a small town and most probably I don't see myself living here long-term, but it is a great place to visit for a few days.

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