26 September 2020

A Week in Franconia

2020 is the year when I discover Germany. Because of the pandemic-related travel restrictions, the trips I had taken this year were more or less all within Germany. It's hard to plan an international trip, when things aren't as reliable the way they used to be, and the infection rates aren't as predictable as one would like it to be. So I contained my trips to domestic destinations, and so in August, I spent a week in northern Bavaria, in Franconia, to be exact.

I was on the road from weekend to weekend. So one Saturday morning, I headed to Berlin Hauptbahnhof as I had an ICE train to catch. I haven't been on an Intercity Express train that often, so it's something I was rather excited to be honest. I easily found my reserved seat, and settled down for the ride. Less than 3 hours later, I was in Bamberg, where I would be spending three nights.

I used Bamberg as my first base, and while there, I did day trips to places like Coburg, Kulmbach, Schweinfurt, and Würzburg. Afterwards, I took the train and headed to Bayreuth, where I spent two nights. And finally, I took the train again and headed to Nürnberg, where I spent three nights. I used this time to discover the city, as well as do a day trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

I visited plenty of castles, fortress, and palaces, as well as fancy and well-preserved old towns. I ate quite a bit of pork, and drank some rather good beer and wine. I had some difficulty understanding the local dialect, as unfortunately I was only limited to Standard German, and I didn't really speak Fränkisch.

In any case, I definitely had fun during the week. I saw plenty of interesting things, and while they might not be exotic, I nevertheless had a great time. Pictures will follow, of course, so stay tuned.

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