22 September 2020

A Weekend in Hamburg: International Maritime Museum

The last item we checked out before we headed back home to Berlin was the International Maritime Museum. This massive museum is located in HafenCity, near the Speicherstadt, and houses plenty of artefacts related to seafaring. It opened in 2008.

The museum is super massive, and has plenty of exhibits to see. For example, there is a full section on art with maritime themes.

There is also a series on maritime explorers, with their busts depicted.

There was an area that allowed demonstrations on driving ships.

Of course, there are exhibits about the tools and gadgets that are relevant to seafaring, such as sonar, compasses, and other navigational tools.

I also saw a massive model ship, made of Legos. There was also a display illustrating the various different types of sails. Another section showed how rope is made from smaller pieces into larger threads.

The other areas touched on underwater exploration, sea travel, as well as sailors and their life at sea. There were plenty of other areas that we checked out, so by the time we exited this museum, we learned a lot about how travel by sea actually went.

I personally think that I am nevertheless still more interested in air travel, yet in any case I learned many things after my visit here.

This concludes my series of travelogues about Hamburg. Stay tuned, there are new things coming up!

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