26 December 2006

The Afterhours...

I had an interesting long weekend.

For the first part, I got to witness the interesting musical scene in churches here in Buffalo. Saturday started it. I pass two churches on my way from school to my house, and both were just playing Christmas songs in their church bells.

But the rhythm was all off.

Anyway, that was that. Good thing that the weather was balmy, and so I went for a walk Monday morning. I didn't go to my office. Instead, I walked up to South Campus and flashed my camera, aiming it to different parts of South Campus. I didn't realize that some of the buildings in South Campus can be very old, some as old as 1903. I'll post the photos soon.

That evening, I was invited to a dinner in a friend's mom's acquaintance's house. I have a friend, who in turn has a mom, who in turn has an acquaintance. This acquaintance has asked my friend's mom to watch over their gorgeous house for a couple of weeks, while they are on a cruise. My friend's mom on the other hand invited a couple of her friends (including me) to have dinner at the house that she is watching. So that was fun as well.

I have to say, no matter how old I am, that house is the perfect house for a game of hide and seek.

I finished reading my novel about women in India (I somehow find that I am quick in reading fiction nowadays.). So I borrowed a new one. This is entitled The Brief History of the Dead. I don't know what it is about yet, but, looking at the ISBN listing, it lists death, epidemics, future life, wilderness survival, and Antarctica as its topics. Sounds interesting.

The latest novel I read was interesting as well. It was about women and social classes in India. If you have a chance to read it, then by all means do.

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