24 April 2007

The Crunch

Here we go with the last week. The final week of this semester. And yes, it is torture.

First off, I attended the final lecture of one of my classes. So for this class, all I need to do is to write the paper. Then submit it online. Because my professor is flying to Dusseldorf tomorrow and is never coming back until August. So online is the way to go for the paper submission.

For this one, I already have the data. All I need to do is to sit down and fix my butt to the chair and write the paper.

For my other class, I have a homework to do, which is due next Monday. I also have a final take-home exam for this one, which I haven't received yet. Fortunately, there is no paper for this class.

Finally, for my third phantom class (which is basically qualifying paper guidance), I need to crunch numbers for this one. I actually bought a scientific calculator to aid me in this one. I never realized that in my linguistics career, I should be needing a calculator. But apparently I do. I am going to compute means and standard deviations for my data. So I got myself the kit. Besides, since I'll be taking the Statistical Methods class for next year, then I might as well.

So that is the academic side of things. There are also some other sides, but I'd rather tell them here when they are solved. Hopefully, it runs smoothly.

But yes, it is the time of the semester when one wants to disappear, and forget about everything, but cannot. So I disappear for a little while, here into the blogosphere, and release some tension, then continue on tomorrow.

So here is another photo from my Niagara Falls in the Winter Series. This is upstream, but the water is indeed very strong.

So I'll let you go while I watch the latest episode of The Amazing Race. Woohoo!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad that I'm not in school anymore. I don't think that I could stand having to write and research for papers again. :) But good luck on both the academics and non-academics. :)

    Is that the part which they call the point of no return? How did you take that picture? That's amazing!

  2. Your "Niagara Falls in the winter series" is so beautiful!!!!!

    Sorry that I haven't been around here for a while - I just discover all your photos of the Niagara Falls and I am really surprised: In winter the Falls look completely different.
    This series is fascinating, LIW, and opens the eyes for quite another view of the Falls.