06 July 2007

Making my Home Sweet

I did some home repairs yesterday. Simple stuff, like replacing burn-out bulbs with ones that are really white, not just sort-of white. It changed the atmosphere of my house totally.

For today, I have some ironing to do. I bought some extra hangers to use, due to the fact that I did some shopping back in Manila and so there were new stuff to hang, so I had a bit of a hanger shortage.

I'm still looking for roommates. One potential roommate is looking at the place today this afternoon. If he doesn't check out, then another one will hopefully be living with me, although this other one is not yet in the country. He is a new graduate student also from the Philippines, and was referred to me by a common friend.

My shrunken heads are staring at me here in the office. Why do I take a glance at them every now and then? Sometimes I have the feeling that they have been moved or something.

Ah, enough of the fantasies. I have some encoding to do. I need to convert my paper encoding to an electronic file in Excel, so I can do mathematical computations with them at the press of a button.

So, here is another of my Quito Centro Historico Series. This shows the Presidential Palace. It is the building on the left side. A lone taxi passes by in front of it. The cream-colored building in the background is the Palacio Arzobispal. Apparently, it used to be the archbishop's palace, but now it is a collection of shops and restaurants.

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