08 July 2007

Money Matters

It is a rather ambivalent day today. It is not clear whether the sun would show up or whether it would rain today. It would be hot and humid outside, to the point that I sweat from just walking from my apartment to the bus stop, and at the same time, the clouds creep in and droplets of rain fall to the ground.

This afternoon, I am at my office auditing. I took out my bankbook, logged on to my online bank account, and balanced everything in my notebook. I guess I didn't do this while I was in Manila. So now I have full control of my money again.

Speaking of money, I also printed the necessary paperwork for reimbursement for my recent research trip. I was awarded a sum of money; not enough to cover the full costs, but at least it shouldered a part of it. Any amount of money is better than no amount at all.

I received money from two sources of funding: the first one was straight-forward, I didn't have to show them my receipts and everything, I just submitted a proposal of what I wanted to do before I left, and they gave me a check upon coming back. The second one was more bureaucratic: they wanted me to fill up some forms, project summaries, and travel vouchers, and other stuff. I'm game for that, it's just that sometimes the terminology can lose me. So I am setting up an appointment tomorrow so that someone will help me in filling the forms out. Good thing they have that service, and I won't have to pay for that.

So, yeah, I was in a monetary mood for the day.

I was also looking for flights to ******* for the coming year. I guess I do plan my vacations 10 months in advance. I haven't bought a guidebook yet, but I guess I will be pretty soon. Some people may be joining me in this trip, I don't know yet, I guess everything will be clear in the following months.

Hey, have you seen this in the news? China apparently is the location for the world's largest public restroom. My goodness, the things that humans can imagine.

So, this is another photo for my Quito Centro Historico Series. This is a little street in the colonial section. I was walking from the Church of El Sagrario to the Church of La Compania de Jesus. This street is more fabulous at night, when all the buildings are illuminated.

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