26 July 2007


My summer class is two-thirds over. I already finished four weeks of lectures, and there only remains two more weeks; or four more meetings.

I am always thrilled when I see how the student's grades turn out. It's not that I am a sadist and is thrilled whenever I give a bad grade to a student. No. Nothing like that at all. What I mean is that students' behavior in class correlates to the grades that they will receive. And I am just amazed at how true that is every time.

I give progress reports every meeting for my students. I give them small white pieces of paper delineating how they stand in class so far. This is based on their performance; like their grades in their homeworks and attendance. Some students maintain a good number, some slowly go down every time I give them that sheet.

Anyway. Enough of that academic talk.

I borrowed a CD from the music library yesterday. I wanted some music here in the office, and so I went to the music library and borrowed a CD of Goyescas by Enrique Granados. Enrique Granados was a Spanish pianist and composer, who unfortunately died in a shipwreck in 1916, if I remember correctly. I used to play one of his pieces from his 12 Danzas EspaƱolas. It was the Andaluza, which was a rather famous piece of his. It was originally written for the piano, but it sounds like a guitar. Indeed, when someone else transcribed it for the guitar, it sounds like a piece written for that instrument.

Anyway, so, Goyescas is a collection of piano pieces that was inspired by the paintings of Francisco Goya, hence, the name. They are pretty good, albeit long. I once had a score for these pieces, and they were really hard. Now they are the property of a good friend of mine in the Philippines, who is an aspiring pianist.

Did you notice the change in my blog? I got tired of the minimalist lay-out, that was mostly white with a few brown shades here and there and some pieces of wood. Besides, that scheme was almost 4 months old. So I changed it to this one, complete with flying birds in the mountains! By the way, that is a big hint for those who want to know where I am planning to go this coming May.

Finally, I want to extend a warm Happy Anniversary! to my folks in Prague. This day marks their 26th year of being married and in happy bliss. Guess what? Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana were married three days after my folks got married. But they are already kaputt! My folks are still going strong. Yay!

Ok, I have to go. But before I go, here is another photo from my Quito at Night Series. This is another of those small side streets that invoke romance, especially if you ride one of those horse-drawn carriages that are available for rent for a stroll in the old town.


  1. LIW,

    I deeply appreciate your entry today. Indeed, your memory serves you well. But there are many things that you can learn from this day of 26th July 2007.

    One - Should you ever contemplate marriage, try to make sure that it will be for keeps, eternally and forever! After all a happy marriage is really a gift from God, with Him serving as the third part of a 3-fold cord. For every anniversary date that we have, we sort of renew our vows, this time, for another 25 years, God willing!

    Two - At 26 years of married life, ought not that it also makes you ponder on your own 25 years of life? Really, time passes by us so fleetingly, reminding everyone that life is just like green grass that become vigorous and vibrant but for only for a very brief moment, afterwards it withers and dies! How sad and uncertain our life becomes. Again, we need to remember as well as you, to remember our Grand Creator in the days of our youth!

    Three - This day is like a milestone for us. As we watch you move on, launching you quite successfully. We would like to associate with every joys and achievements you have made so far. Every little things about you, ever since you went out from my thighs have become a part of our own memories. Oh, if you can only see, and feel, the many moments of joy, the unnumbered smiles, and many other little things, that your Mom has had since that day of today. Yes, as we look back in those days, we are so glad to see you just where you are by now. All these 25 years, you gave us just quite a few heart aches. Yet they are quite rare and far between. And we viewed them as the normal pains of growing up, the joys and sadness of a child growing to his manhood.

    Well done young man. I appreciate the fact that you remembered this moment, too!

  2. Could it be true? Am I really posting in your blog? ;) Yey! Maybe, it's your cool new template! :)

    Hey, congratulations to your parents! My gosh... you're so young. You weren't even born when Charles and Diana got married. :) Anyway, I wish your parents many many more years of wedded bliss.

    Oh, I love Granados. I loved listening to the guitar majors play Granados back when I was in college. I'd love to hear you play the piano. :)