27 July 2007


Friday is supposed to be a subdued day, but for me, at least this week, it is not.

Yesterday, I was checking my student's homeworks. I found some evidence of what may be construed as academic dishonesty. I won't disclose the details here, but it made me think of how the students value the class.

Wow. Students may think that I am born yesterday and is innocent of their schemata. I have to remind them that I used to be an undergrad as well.

Anyway, so a talk with this student is necessary I believe. I have to ask him to explain what is happening. And I'll go from there.

It makes me think what exactly is my role here as an instructor. I am an educator, not the police. But if I just turn a blind eye, things like these will continue.

Oh dear, for one second I am boiling with vicious rage, and for the other, I am thinking to just let it pass since there is plenty of red tape to navigate once this is started.

I have to think about this later.

Anyway, in a rather mundane turn of events, I guess it took me seven years to finish a bottle of cologne. I had a bottle of Sculpture, by Nikos Parfums, and I bought it in 2000. I believe I bought it in the duty-free area of Kansai International Airport in Osaka on our way to Guam. The reason I remember this so vividly is because I somehow tied the scent of this cologne to the hotel that we initially stayed in Guam, the Hotel Tropicana. I first encountered this scent when I jokingly tried to suffocate a friend of mine in Japan, and his scent stuck in my fingers. He was wearing this cologne. I liked the scent, and so I bought it on the next opportunity.

And seven years later, it is gone.

Speaking of hotels, I believe that our family, or at least, my parents, have the so-called Hotel Curse. The reason is a lot of the hotels that they stayed at suffered tragedy after they checked out. One hotel in southern Mindanao closed down a few years after they stayed there. A resort island in Palawan burned to the ground after they stayed there as well. And now, Hotel Tropicana in Guam also closed down a few months after we all stayed there back in 2000.

Interesting eh?

Ok, here is my new photo series, entitled Ecuadorian Flora Series. These are pictures taken by me when I visited the Jardin Botanico in Quito. This first picture depicts a weird whitish plant.

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  1. Oh yes, you have to talk to your student. It's your responsibility as a teacher. I love the photo... very artistic shot.