08 September 2007


I finished reading the other book that I was reading a few days ago. I hated that novel. It was about male military ego and how their society operated in a different fashion than the normal society. I should have just returned that book, but since I don't want to read a book midway, I finished it and then chucked it.

Now I am reading a different one, entitled Killing Johnny Fry. So far I am enjoying this one.

Why is it that people really like measuring things? One can measure a person's height, weight, body mass, waistline, neckline, foot size, shirt size, penis size, bra size, IQ, EQ, personality profile, and plenty of other things. Thus, from measuring these things, one can graph their means, their standard deviation, and the standard errors.

Oh, I better stop this train of thought. My statistics class is getting the better of me. I do have to say that I am liking that class. I just finished my first homework and it seems that I have the right answers.

I finished another bottle of cologne. I threw away an empty bottle of Desire by Alfred Dunhill. I believe I got this back in 2000. My sister bought it for me. So that means it took seven years for me to finish a 100 ml bottle. Well, there are other colognes that I own but actually are older than this one. The main reason why this got emptied is because I used this for my daily scent when I go to school. And since it is over, I am now using Pi by Givenchy as my school scent. This actually is older. I got this one from the duty-free section of Osaka's Kansai International Airport, back in 1998, the year when it was introduced.

Earlier today, I was browsing the Internet for some news, when I saw a news header about an International Air Guitar Competition in Finland. I didn't realize that even a trivial thing such as delusions like these can have their own competition as well. Wow. I didn't realize that there is a competition for delusions. Wow. This world is indeed crazy.

Enough of the craziness, here is another photo from my Oswaldo Guayasamin Series. Enjoy.

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