17 September 2007

The Nubian Goddess, Leather Jackets and Tight Jeans, and Other Aspects of Sexiness

Sometimes there would be moments in my walking life that I feel sexy. As it is the case, I am already 25 and thus I am pretty sure this is not caused by hormones previously not encountered. Instead, I presume this is simply caused by the human instinct to mate and reproduce. However, I am not a biologist, and thus I do not know more complicated things about this topic.

Anyway, last Saturday, there was a rather captivating member of the female sex. She was with a group. Apparently, she was with another female friend, and a couple of male friends. Based on the way they speak English, they come from another part of the world.

Apparently, not everyone knew everyone, so some introduced some others to some others. I then learned that they were from Nigeria. But who cares, if one is looking at a Nubian goddess? She had the most captivating smile, and I was mesmerized with the way her wavy hair was carried by the wind. Her skin seemed to reflect the light, like liquid gold, her ebony hue reflecting the setting sun.

And when she got out of the bus, at the final stop, she walked to the distance. She walked tall, indeed, a Nubian goddess.

I then went home, and forgot about her. Until last night.

I was again on campus, and it was getting late. Around 9:30 PM, I decided to go home, and since there was a few minutes to spare, I went to Starbucks on campus to get myself a cup of chai, since it was unusually cold for September. And there she was, the Nubian goddess, behind the counter. Her fingers were remarkably light, as she lifted the dollar bills I had from my palms. Brushing against her skin sent electric shocks from head to toe. And I almost missed my bus because of that.

Maybe she was the reason why I was feeling sexy that night. I usually feel sexy whenever I wear a certain pair of jeans that I have. This one makes me look just right, and when I wear an apt shirt with it, it creates a formal-yet-casual look, formal enough to conduct a class, yet casual enough to party as well.

Another outfit that makes me feel sexy is my leather jacket. Especially when I zip it to the neck. I personally like the strong yet seductive look it gives off.

The neck is actually a very erogenous zone for me. I like observing people's necks, especially the area just below the larynx, where it forms an abstract triangle. I like to look at it and see how it moves when the person breathes. It is like a totally different entity within the human being, removed and distinct from the rest of the body, with a life of its own. As it shows life when it moves up and down, when it is jerked up when someone swallows, and when it is pushed down when one relaxes. It is like a portal to the life of the person, if it is pierced, then all life will flow out of the body and the person will die. No wonder the famous Count was so successful as a lothario.

(Left foot on the south, right foot on the north, from my La Mitad del Mundo Series)


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  2. You urgently should have a rendezvous with your Nubian goddess!!!