23 January 2008

Yeah Baby Yeah!

Oh yeah, bring it on!

If I was suffering a bit low yesterday, today is the total opposite of that. I feel like I want to jump the way rock concert attendees do when they hear those guitar riffs in the song.

Well, the reason is that I got word about the abstract that I submitted for a conference this coming March. It was accepted as a poster presentation. That means that I will be heading down to North Carolina this March.


I feel alive again, having gotten confirmation that my brain is indeed live and kicking. That means I have to write this paper soon in time for that.

Speaking of that paper that I am personifying as a baby, I met with my adviser today, and I got concrete ideas how to proceed. I guess my problem for the past few days was that I did not have direction in writing the paper. I have the stuff to write, but I didn't know how to arrange them in a coherent order. It's the first time I am writing a paper that relies heavily on experimental work. So, speaking of the baby, it grew quite a lot this week, and it will continue to do so for the rest of the week.

Listening to metal on Internet radio sometimes can help while doing this; it makes my adrenaline pump faster and harder.

So there, I'm on a high for today.

Oh, speaking of the mystery car I blogged about the other day, it belonged to a person who apparently had an arrangement with one of the people living downstairs, that he would park in our driveway and the person living downstairs would park somewhere else. It's just that nobody else downstairs knew of the arrangement, so we all thought that it was a mystery car. Good thing the police didn't come on time, or else it would have been towed away.

Anyway, so I have this conference to attend. The goal for the next few weeks then is to try to rehash my research agenda, so that I can produce another abstract for another conference in the late summer, whose deadline to submit abstracts is on March. I guess I can produce two different papers from my current research agenda, since this first abstract is more of an experimental one, focusing on the experimental bent in the research, while the second one can be more theoretical, focusing on the theoretical implications that can be gleaned from the experimental results. If I submit an abstract for that, and get accepted, then I might find myself in Texas for a part of the summer. But I still have time to prepare for that.

(Flags on display, from my United Nations Series)

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  1. You do sound high :$

    It's always good to get unexpected news like that and it sounds like it was the right timing for you as well.