07 February 2008


I finished reading my previous novel entitled The Piano Tuner. I was very satisfied at how it ended. It was set in British Burma in the late 1800s, when a piano tuner was commissioned to tune a Erard grand piano in Burma. It had a conclusion, but the novel also had the window for what-ifs, and other speculative exercises, and provided a nice repose upon finishing the novel.

I guess being sick provided me the time to complete it. Last Tuesday, I was so tired and sick, without my voice, and so I decided to go ahead and go home immediately after my class ended at 3:30. I then got undressed, and went to bed, but before that, I set my alarm to wake me up at 7:00 PM. I didn't want to get carried away and then wake up at around 11:00 PM, and that would give me headaches due to a sleepless night.

So I slept, until 7:00 PM, and then I woke up. I ate something, and then finished the book. After that, I picked up another one, which is a significant departure from the previous one (of course). This new book is entitled The Sleep-Over Artist, by Thomas Beller. And just by reading the first few pages, I was laughing hilariously. I don't know, maybe the mischievous ways of the ten-year-old protagonist is just so common I could easily relate to it.

Winter came back today. Yesterday and the day before that, the weather was very nice, in the mid-50s, and so the snow all melted. However, it is back today, and so I wore my boots again to school. However, some people were complaining that the weather wasn't cooperating, and because of that, they couldn't go out and ski.

I guess people have different purposes for the weather.

I am getting an interesting vibe from my students. They want to know where I am from, but they have no idea where. They say that I have a slight accent, but they cannot pinpoint it. And add to that, my name isn't really a typical name from my country, and so that further confuses them.

I looked up my surname, and it turns out, that my surname is Hungarian.

(Tall buildings, from my Wall Street Series)


  1. Hmmmm, The Piano Tuner must be interesting. I own one of a handful of pianos here and there's only one piano tuner in the entire country.

    Haha... you're sleeping schedule is so weird. But getting sick does have uses... like being able to catch up on reading. :)

    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. People are confused with where I'm from as well! I have an Italian name, yet I speak French/ English and Chinese. I don't have a French accent in English, something apparently more subtle. And I kinda look latina if you think of it.

    I love that! :D

  3. Toe,

    What? Don't tell me you shipped a piano from Manila to Phnom Penh? And yes, getting sick does have uses, like what you said.


    I am with you on that point. I love the fact that people cannot pinpoint where I come from.