08 March 2008

6-Month Ordeal

So it has been snowing since yesterday. And we're supposed to get a foot of snow all in all.

I sometimes think that why is it that I chose to go to Buffalo for graduate school, when there's six months of cold weather. Yes, I started wearing my winter coat back in October, and now, we are already in March, and it still is snowing. And when I say snowing, not just flurries-type snowing, it's "US Airways and Delta Air Lines cancels their flights" snowing.

I don't say that I hate winter, I just don't like six months of it.

Anyway, yesterday, two of my friends and I went grocery-shopping. It has become a new trend in my schedule, that is, grocery-shopping with someone else. Well, it is sort of advantageous because 1) I can get a ride from someone else (I don't have a car, so when I do grocery-shopping solo, I go to the one near my house, which is a 10-minute walk), 2) I get to chat with someone, and therefore make the whole chore more engaging, and 3) I sometimes get to go to different supermarkets which have a better stack of food than the one I go to by default.

So yesterday, I bought the essentials, but aside from that, I got a pack of hydroponic-grown basil, a half-pound of fresh mozzarella cheese, and some fresh tomatoes on the vine. Upon reaching home, I made myself a plateful of caprese. Very seductively delicious.

I also got a piece of Saint Agur Blue Cheese, something I cannot resist. My two American friends hate it, and I am appalled at the fact that here in Buffalo, they say that they eat blue cheese, paired with their chicken wings, but that blue cheese that they call blue cheese isn't blue at all, rather, it is milky white! So yeah, needless to say, I had a great breakfast this morning, dining on bread, original blue cheese (that really is blue), and tea.

I have a dinner invitation from one of my friends for tonight. Apparently, her parents are having turkey, and they need additional people to eat it. So she invited her friends, and so yeah, I'm heading down to the south towns to have some turkey in March.

(Underground vertigo, from my New York City Series)

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