04 April 2008


Another day goes by with my productive streak.

So, today, I had my big Advanced Statistical Methods 2 semi-final. Note that it is not just some plain and simple statistics class, it's an advanced statistics class (Sorry, I just really wanted to toot my own horn - I know I would be sorry once I get the results back). This test is supposed to be a mid-term, but as I have said earlier, there are only four more weeks to the semester, so it is more like a semi-final (and a final at the end of the semester) rather than a mid-term. So I am calling it that.

So anyway, regarding this test. I studied for it, and when I got the paper in front of me, I knew the answer to most, if not all the questions. I had a couple of problems to solve, algorithms to run, but I think I got it all right. I hope to hear from the professor in a few days time.

When I got the paper, I wasn't afraid.

I also finished the final for my class. I started writing it this morning, upon returning from the classroom from my test, and I sat down and started writing it. Well, technically, I didn't write it from scratch; I have a collection of questions for this class that I have on file, and I just selected a majority of them to create a final exam packet, and I only wrote a couple fresh questions to vary the whole bunch. So I have a master copy, and tomorrow, I will print enough copies for my students, so I can distribute it in the next few weeks.

I sat down for the task, and did it, I wasn't afraid.

I also brought my data to my other class today. I had something wrong with my data coding, and so the regression wasn't running, but when I showed it to my professor, he knew how to fix it, and how to explore the data set further. I immediately recognized important interactions in my data, and so I am now faced with the task to write it down.

I am writing a qualifying paper for this semester, and I am not afraid.

I cannot wait for the summer to come. The weather is slowly getting better, and I am itching to go to my vacation. It will be my second time to visit the South American continent.

I want adventure, and I am not afraid.

If by now, you still don't know what the Hebrew word in my entry title means, you must be reading this post simply by skimming through it.

I think that is the logical conclusion, and saying that, I am not afraid.

(Swanky Modern Statue, from my New York City Series)

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