17 July 2008

Country No. 16

The Philippines, United States, Japan, Guam, Qatar, Austria, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Denmark, and now Hungary. 16 countries visited as of yesterday. 84 to go!

Yep, I landed yesterday in Budapest Ferihegy International Airport. I basically spent the whole afternoon flying all over Europe, first catching a flight from Copenhagen to Brussels, and from Brussels to Budapest. Due to the fact that I flew a Belgian airline, I was again impressed at the fact that the announcements were done in at least three languages, English, French, and Dutch.

Anyway, the first impression I had about Budapest is that it is large. The trip from the airport to my parents' house was rather long even though we took a taxi. And first there was the flat and not-so-beautiful Pest, and then we crossed a bridge and entered the hilly Buda. Unlike Copenhagen, where everything is compact and walkable, I do think that I need to make use of public transportation here.

Oh well, not a lot of things to blog about for today. I have to say my travels don't end yet. Me and my parents are heading to the train station later today and will be catching a train to Vienna. I've been to Vienna before 3 years ago, and I am kind of excited to see it again, even for just the weekend. The bad thing is that since it is by train, I won't be earning miles, but the good thing is that I won't have to turn off my équipements électroniques.

(Water Meets Gravity, from my Watkins Glen Series)


  1. Amazing picture!

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

  2. Cool, you're doing the whole Europe thing looks like!

    16 + 84...100? Are there only 100 countries in the world? I thought there were more than that.

    Enjoy yourself... Europe is nice in the summer.

  3. Liane,



    True. There are more than 100, but I have this goal of visiting a hundred countries before I die. There are some countries that don't entice me, say, Equatorial Guinea. So I thought a rounded number would be good enough.