24 July 2008

Rain in Budapest

It was raining all day yesterday. It wasn't good for a tourist, like me. So, what I did instead was I went and visited the indoor attractions of this city. At least, that was the plan.

However, it didn't turn out to be a long day still, since the rain is rather depressing, and the dark clouds weren't just camera friendly. I did visit the Museum of Fine Art in Andrassy Avenue, but after spending more than three hours in there, I headed back home. I figured I would just take a rest and conserve my energy instead, hoping that the next day would be a better one, so that I could go to some towns out of Budapest.

I did take plenty of pictures in the Museum, however, I do not intend to exhibit it here except when I finally get to posting them as an appendage to my blog entries. Well, I do like taking pictures, but I do not find the pictures I took exceptional enough to give a preview. I suppose after one sees plenty of paintings, things start to look the same.

On a separate note, I made some changes in blogging policies here. I am now moderating my comments. That means that every comment will pass through me, regardless of whether it is anonymous or not. I am not concerned about spamming, but what I am concerned about is the fact that some people have not-so-good intentions and post annoying comments anonymously. I have to remind my readers that this is a subjective means of publishing; I do not have to be politically correct here. If you don't like what you read, then don't read it. Go somewhere else. And if you want to criticize me, go ahead, but show your face. Don't do it cowardly by posting anonymously. Therefore, to add a deterrent, I am moderating the comments to this blog.

Oh, and if you're just posting to stir some trouble, at least learn to spell!

There, there goes my rant. Now it is over, I'll leave you for a while and head to Esztergom and shoot some pictures.

(The Overlook in Geneva, from my Watkins Glen Series)

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