29 August 2008

Mongolian Barbecue

I know that everyone of us do this. Everyone of us go to the toilet and take a dump. Heck, even the Queen of England does this herself. However, it still is amazing and surprising that people we look up to seem to be unbelievable whenever you witness them do this.

Say, what if you are heading to the restroom to take a leak? And you see one of your esteemed professors go in a few seconds before you? And when you get inside, you don't see him, but then you realize that he is sitting on the porcelain god? Would you be conscious of that, and step out of the restroom until he is done and out of the room, and then you proceed on your business?

I am doing some cold turkey reading today. And tomorrow as well. I have a stack of readings about 3 inches thick, which is for a seminar, and after the first week, I decided to go ahead and just read them all and be done with it. I need time to think of my paper topic for this class, and so I don't want to waste time reading in the middle of the semester figuring out what I want to write about. I would rather read everything now, have an idea what I want to write about, and spend the rest of the semester reading more relevant things so I can write an awesome paper.

I am releasing my inner child this semester. I get to color again. One of the assignments I have for my neurolinguistics class is to complete the Human Brain Coloring Book. Obviously, there are rules to the colors, and so I just cannot select a random lobe or cortex and color it something random.

Social dynamics are bizarre. I don't get them. I suppose I would add this to the list of things I do not get, including sarcasm.

The department is in a state of controlled chaos. People who are supposed to be here are not yet here, and people who were here for quite a long time are not here anymore. To top that, people who weren't here before are here, and they are going to be here for a very long time.

I found a couple of papers online that I need to read. This I suppose is for my side projects. I hope that something good comes out of this, since my other side project seems to be not taking off, since the other people involved in it were rather reluctant to take it up again. Anyway, we'll see how it goes.

I am still waiting for my two professors to read my qualifying paper. They told me that they will give it back to me within September. Hopefully that would be the case, so I could file it before the end of October, and file for a master's graduation as well. I figured I would probably have more of an advantage if I file for a master's graduation as well while working on my dissertation; having a degree higher than the bachelor's could get me more credentials suppose I need it while finishing up my doctorate. One example would be that it would allow me to teach in my undergrad university if I need to come back.

I went to the dentist this afternoon, for my semi-annual appointment. My teeth are still ok, they are nice and strong, although my gums seem to be very sensitive, gien the fact that simple flossing would induce weak bleeding.

(Trees and Water, from my Letchworth Park Series)


  1. Hey, funny bathroom observation... I guess most people are very prude, including me. I mean, we all pee etc. but it is still taboo in most cultures.

    It drove me crazy in China that most women don't really close the door when using the bathroom in a public place (mall, restaurant etc.) Not sure whether it's cultural or not though.

  2. Zhu,

    Really? Women don't really close the door? I suppose they just don't care? Or maybe since everybody does it what's wrong with being seen doing it?