16 September 2009

LP No. 9

While I was in the lab yesterday, conducting experiments on undergrads needing to fulfill an experiment requirement, I got an email from the department secretary, telling me that I had a package waiting for me.

I know what it was, and I was happy. So when I got back to my office, I saw it lying on my desk, and I immediately opened it. I smelled it as I was flipping the pages, and it smelled good. The ink, the paper, everything. I suppose that's my ritual whenever I get a book, regardless if it is new or old. But yeah, I smelled it.

So what book is this? Well, this is none other than the ninth Lonely Planet book that I own. Yay! I have been collecting all of my Lonely Planet guidebooks ever since I started buying them. It provides me daydreaming fodder whenever I needed to daydream. It takes me back to the sights and smells and sounds that I have previously experienced, while on the road. It can bring me back to the Ecuadorian public market, the Peruvian Inca ruins, the most awesome fried oysters I had in Washington DC, the herring buffet in Copenhagen, among others.

So far, in purchase order, I have the guidebooks for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands; New York City; Washington DC; Peru; Denmark; Hungary; Toronto; and Washington, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest. Eight so far, until yesterday. So I welcome my ninth, the newest edition of Boston City Guide, into the bunch. I read through it yesterday, and I think I now have an idea of how the city is laid out.

So, anybody wanna go and see a 1700s warship? How about visiting the Stata Center in MIT?

(Two Airplanes, from my Air and Space Museum Series)


  1. The "Lonely Planet" books are also my favorite guidebooks... I also keep them together in a special place in my bookshelves!

  2. I do understand your enthusiasm and what a collection! I missed Norway on the list though, but then again; You can always read my blog :-)

    Btw; Thanks for the visit and significant comment on my WW post! I liked the Fart Kontoll sign from Norway too :lol:

  3. Sidney,

    Yes! I don't use any other guidebook. I once tried Let's Go but they didn't sit well with me, the arrangement of the information was too cluttered, and it seemed it was too catered to the shoestring traveler. Not that it is a bad thing, but LP seems to be what I want.


    Norway is not there yet, but it is on the list. In the meantime, I get my fix of Norway by reading your blog, like you said!

  4. I also collect LPs - yes, I know, what a surprise...

    I have a whole bunch in both French and English, mostly Latin America, China, OZ, NZ, France. We love the shoestring books too.

  5. Zhu,

    Ah the shoestring books, yes. I've seen them, but I never really used them, since most of the time, they're good if you want to explore a large geographical area in a small budget. However, in order to enjoy that, one must go to long-term vacations, like what you do for months at a time, and my schedule is just a bit too busy for that, so I'd rather concentrate on one country and explore it thoroughly.