15 January 2011

Anti-Culture Shock

Perhaps it is somewhat anti-climactic when we have expectations and then the expectations do not materialize. Perhaps that is the same with respect to culture shock. In my case, the shock is the fact that there is none.

So right now, I am in the middle of a frolicking adventure. I will definitely write a day-by-day account of my travels here, but for the moment let us keep the location away from the public (although some of you already know where it is). I prefer to narrate everything when I am in my own machine, instead of watching how many more minutes I have in a public place. Besides, I am not used to a Spanish keyboard.

Anyway, it is fascinating to see that the difference begins even before departing. Just at the airport, the way people deal with boarding and such, it is a different experience. It felt like a market. But hey, I don't mind at all.

Upon landing, I took a cab, and I was able to get a glimpse of the city, and immediately, I thought, wow, this is just like in Manila, for all intents and purposes this looks like EDSA (a major avenue in Manila). The chaos, the smell, the crowds, they felt the same.

So, is it just me, or is it bizarre to find nothing shocking? Perhaps I made it a point to not expect anything at all, so that I won't be disappointed. But I just deal with things like "Oh, they do it this way, good to know!"

Anyway, I am not saying that I am not enjoying myself. In fact, I think I am having a great time. So far I have been eating native here, and everything is just phenomenal. So far it is a good brain recharging activity.

(Parading the Banner, from my Cusco Series)


  1. I am also very glad I experienced this anti-culture shock. Now I miss India a bit lesser and at the same time my travel itch has been largely satisfied. :)

  2. Priyank,

    I know, it's a good thing to be reminded of what home is like. And the itch is satisfied in the process.