25 January 2011

Super Frigid Open-Air Freezer

Oh why oh why is it so cold? Yesterday, I cannot believe it, but it was -21 degrees Celsius here! I think that was the coldest it has been this winter, and I am freezing. Last Friday, I was walking home, and for some reason, I stupidly was not wearing my hat. The wind blew, and oh my Godzilla, my ear hurt! It turned red. I immediately fished my hat out of my bag and put it on.

Upon reaching my house, I immediately checked my ears whether it was still there. It was there, thankfully, it was a little red, but it wasn't frostbitten.

And yesterday, I had to go to school. And since it was -21 Celsius with a wind chill, I just wrapped my whole body with a coat and a hat. Forget the hair gel, it'll get ruined by my hat anyway. I'd rather be warm than have an awesome hairstyle and freeze.

Still, when I was walking, I felt like the hairs inside my nose were stiff and frozen. You know, you breathe, and somehow, it feels different. Somehow it feels like there's a grill there that the air is passing through, that is a little more inflexible than is usual.

Oh Buffalo, it is times like these that I wish I were still in a warm place. Mexico City would be nice, since it is not so hot like the Philippines, and there is actually a nice fluctuation of temperatures during the day; it's cool in the morning, and hot in the afternoon. Good thing that I won't be in Buffalo for long; my adviser thinks that I am set to graduate in mid-2012. So I looked where I should go next. Somehow, the weather is starting to be a big constraint. But then I am pretty sure I'll be able to rationalize it in my head, if for example there's a position in Montreal that is offered to me.

Oh well, we'll see.

(Cusco at Night, from my Cusco Series)