10 February 2011

Dr. Linguist-in-Waiting?

The other day, I opened my email, and in my inbox, here's what I found. It was quite a pleasant surprise.

I read the email, and when I saw the salutation, I was like whoa! Already? Yay!

And then a few seconds later, I realize that they just culled my email address off some database and assumed the best, but sadly, the assumption isn't what the reality is.

But hey, if there are people who are already addressing me by "Dr." then all the better. I'll take it as a good sign.

(The Train Passes Through the Town, from my Sacred Valley Series)


  1. Dr LIW,
    Neat! But why is your real name blurred? Are you in the closet on this blog?

  2. Priyank,

    Haha, it might be a futile endeavor, but I am still trying to separate my professional and personal existence in the Internet.

  3. Congrats ! You are almost there !

  4. Sidney,

    Thanks! Hopefully that will be soon!

  5. You will get there, you are so close! :-)

  6. Darnit. Here I was thinking that when I clicked on "Continue reading..." I would get to see that coveted PhD.

    You're almost there! :D

  7. Prab,

    Haha! I'm trying, I'll get there soon hopefully!