13 April 2011

The Spring Break that Sprang Away

So this past week was supposed to be Spring Break. With that, the students went on an exodus away from campus, with big charter buses making an appearance on the campus parking lots to take students to their homes as far away as New York City. I however, found myself just here in Buffalo.

Actually, my friends didn't even believe it. "Jeruen, out of all people, you're not traveling and instead is staying here in Buffalo?" Yup, I'll be here. I'll be working, dissertating, writing, analyzing, and any other verb that you can find that can do a progressive tense, I'll be doing that too.

But, all in all, I think I am glad that I stayed here. I was quite productive. I finished a total of 6 things in my to-do list. I was quite happy.

First, I finished setting up the design for my fifth experiment. Let's not go into the details with respect to what this experiment is about, but I have finalized the papers, all I need to do is to print them and mass-produce them in different colors.

Second, I finished doing an item analysis on the results of my second experiment. I discovered how to do pivot tables automatically in Excel, and that made my life so much easier. I used to do them by hand.

Third, I read the second draft of the proof of the paper I am publishing. I found some more corrections and edits that need to be done, but aside from that, things look okay and are ready to be published. I am happy, meaning that there is another entry in my CV since I am increasing my publication record.

Fourth, I submitted two abstracts with my name on it. One of these have me as the first author. I have a high confidence that both will be accepted and therefore that would mean I need to go to a country where I haven't been to before. If this happens, it will be Country No. 20.

Fifth, I finished coding and analyzing the results of my third experiment. I liked the results and the data patterns, all I need to do is to find someone else to do the same analysis as I did so that nobody would say that I biased my results.

Sixth, I finished digitizing some documents that my boss asked me to do. I am a research assistant and part of my job is to do these mechanical things. It can be boring, but at least it doesn't involve much thinking.

So yes, I finished these six tasks during Spring Break. Things are happy. Things are getting done. Although, I think I paid the price for being too productive, since I also injured myself by pulling a muscle on my lower back, as I have blogged earlier. I am on medication for 2 weeks, and so far the pain is going away and not as bad as before.

(Danger, from my Ollantaytambo Series)


  1. Looks like you had a productive Spring break! I guess you can take real holidays at another time, you don't *have* to do something during Spring break.

  2. Zhu,

    That's the idea. I work during the Spring Break, and I take a vacation some other time. That way, I control my schedule!

  3. Wow 6 tasks done! You've been very productive. I'm using my Easter break to write, write and write!

  4. Charles,

    I know, it's been a productive week. I take it you're writing for the blog again?

  5. Yes, I'm back blogging despite the fact that I haven't finished my book yet. I'm using every break I get to finish it and hopefully before summer comes. :)

  6. Charles,

    Oh I didn't know you're writing a book, awesome! I love reading books but I don't think I can write one (my dissertation doesn't count). And yes, I can't wait for the summer too, it's been a bad winter here, too long and too cold, the coldest they say since 1905, at least here in Western NY.

  7. Winter her started around October, but we weren't really complaining because we got a stable winter rather than the slushy winter that everybody loathes :)

    I'm writing an urban fantasy YA and you can read the first three chapters here: http://www.charlesravndal.com/seraphic-theory-chapter-1-sleeping-beauty/ . Plus I made a visual intro in conjunction with a design project at school: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPp4rE9XnvQ

  8. Charles,

    Ah, a stable winter is nice, and I agree, slush is just bad.

    I just bookmarked your chapters. I'll look forward to reading them when my schedule lightens up a bit, when this semester is finally over.