30 August 2012

Final Revisions

I defended my dissertation this past July 30. I passed.

After that, I was given about two weeks of revisions. So that was what I have been busy with after the defense. After a day of just lounging around and celebrating, I went back to my Dissertation Office and revised. It ended up that my dissertation grew another 20 pages.

So after that round of revisions, I gave it to my adviser, who then read it. He told me that he would give it back to me after a week, and he would ask for little changes, which he told me would take at most 2 days to fix. After that, I could file it to the Graduate School and be done with this degree.

Wow, I didn't realize I'd actually make it, eh? But I guess I did. This blog actually documented my whole graduate school path, from moving from Manila to Buffalo, to taking classes and being a teaching assistant, to drama with friends and non-friends, and the qualifying paper, and the dissertation. Now, all of that is over, and it is time to move on and turn a page.

Boy, I am so ready for Berlin.

(Big Lady, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. Berlin is getting ready for you two! The great move is what... right now or tomorrow?

    1. Zhu,

      Tomorrow! That is, if Lufthansa is not on strike! Fingers crossed here...

  2. Congratulations Jeruen!

    You must be in Berlin by now. All the best in your field of work!