26 August 2012

Moving My Material Possessions

This past week, my own material possessions started traveling. Yes boys and girls, this move to Berlin is slowly happening.

In order to find out the most cost-effective way of transporting my goods, I requested a bunch of quotes from several companies. What turned out to be the most efficient one given my needs is a service where I would be the one packing them, then I would be dropping them off to a terminal, and they would ship them. They would then deliver it to my door, to any address I specify in Germany. This cost me about the same price as another person's airline ticket.

So I packed my stuff, and designated a date of drop-off. I was told that it takes 6-7 weeks to arrive, so I dropped it off 4 weeks before I myself departed. That means I only have about 2-3 weeks of waiting time in Berlin before my boxes show up. That's not bad.

When the drop-off date arrived, we drove to a cargo terminal near the airport, and dropped my boxes. It was less than 200 pounds. I arranged it on top of a pallet, and then they weighed it, afterwards, they wrapped it with plastic so that all pieces traveled as one large piece. It will first be flown to another city in the US East Coast. Then, it will travel by ship to England. It will clear customs and enter the European Community in the United Kingdom, and from there, it will be trucked to Germany.

So there, I guess I did my very first shipment. Until now, I was only a bystander when it comes to shipping. I've only watched my parents arrange all the shipping documentation and what not, but I was never a part of the discussion. My fingers are crossed hoping that this shipment would have no problems, and that my stuff would reach Germany safe and sound. As I did not ship anything when I moved from Manila to Buffalo in 2005, bringing only 2 suitcases worth of clothes, I have no previous shipping experience of my own.

So there, my material possessions are now on their way.

(Cubist Something, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. Are you nervous about them making their way safely across the Ocean?

    I see two kinds of people flying for instance, those who can't wait to drop off their bags at the check-in counter, and those who wait until the last minute and anxiously watch their bags on the carousel when arriving.

    While I certainly wouldn't want to lose anything, I typically only have clothes, etc. so nothing really precious.

    1. Zhu,

      I don't think I am nervous. I have to say, I've only used the tracker at a rate of one a week; the last time I checked, the ship already left the United States and is on its way to England. I did read reviews of the company before, but nothing bad stood out, so I guess they would be fine. And as you said, I don't have anything particularly vauable in my shipment. I have my books and my winter clothes, but all of those are replaceable in case something happens to them.