27 August 2012

Tribal Riot

So, this is technically not a rant about roommates, but more about neighbors. If you're interested, then read on.

So I currently live in a duplex. For every building, there are two units. Each building is separated by a shared driveway. We had new neighbors that moved in both at the unit that shares our building, as well as the unit across the driveway.

Now, the funny thing is that the people who live in the same building are fine, we have no problems with them. It is the people who live across the driveway in a different building that we have some problems with.

First, they don't know anything about noise control. It seems that they have friends from all over the block, and these friends just knock at their door constantly. We hear these knocks, they don't even use the door bell, they just knock. Most of the times, they even accompany the knock with a shout, calling the person's name.

What I don't understand is how common these knocks are. Like I said in the title, it looks more like tribal behavior. They have plenty of tribe compatriots, and they just visit each other every time.

Oh, have I not told you how annoying it is when their visitors arrive, and use their car horn to broadcast to the whole block that they arrived?

And the other day, they had a party. It lasted until 2 AM. They have no concern with whether the people next door are already sleeping or not. Instead, they just shout out loud. Sometimes, I am contemplating finding out the phone number for the non-emergency police hotline.

We'll see. I am only here in Buffalo for a few weeks anyway. We'll see if my patience can outlast that.

(I Don't Know What This Is, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. This post and your comments are so June 2012! lol

    1. Priyank,

      Haha, sad to say, this is current. I live in a duplex, but it's the neighbors *across* the driveway living in the next duplex who are noisy. Tsk tsk tsk...

  2. Neighbours can make life a living hell. I had the problem in France. So far here in Canada we've been pretty lucky, we live in a semi-detached but the closest neighbours are relatively quiet (although they love to shout in Chinese and can be annoying with their constant home-improving work in the summer).

    1. Zhu,

      It is a hit-and-miss definitely. I do recall that when we were living in Hawaii, we were the cause of the complaints. I was 6 at that time. I guess it would be nice if people just minded of others, you know, by being quiet after 10 PM for example, when one can imagine that others might be sleeping by then.