21 August 2012

The Defense

So I just defended my dissertation. And guess what? I passed!

Yeah, it's finally come to an end. After seven years in graduate school, I can say that I am done, finished, finito. I defended it in front of my committee (with one of them inside a computer hooked through Skype) as well as some audience consisting of people who were interested in what I had been doing. It went well, even though there are parts of the defense that I wished I could have answered differently.

Anyway, so what else remains? I have some revisions to make. My committee already sent me their comments and all I need is to address that, send it to my adviser, and file it to the Graduate School. Then, I get conferred and I get my degree.

So there. It's feels like a huge achievement. I like this feeling. People have addressed me as "Doctor" now. Frankly, it's not a big deal, and things still feel the same, but hey, I booked my flight to Berlin using "Doctor" as the salutation. Yeah, I did it just because I can!

(Dark Sculpture, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. Hello... Herr doctor! :-)

    Congratulations on that major achievement! I am guessing you must feel relieved, excited and proud. You should, anyway!

    1. Zhu,

      Thanks! I do feel relieved that graduate school (and school in general) is over, I also feel excited that I am getting a lifestyle upgrade and will cease to live the life of a student, and yes, I feel proud. I sometimes wonder how it is possible that I was able to do and finish a PhD. It took me seven years to get it, and this blog has seen my progress. Amazing!