02 September 2012

Woody Allen's European Trilogy

I rarely review movies here, for the sole reason that while I enjoy watching movies, I rarely encounter a movie that makes me rave about it, in addition to the fact that I watch quite a few movies regularly that reviewing them all will just make this blog a movie blog. However, I am making an exception, after watching three Woody Allen films set in Europe: Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Midnight in Paris, and To Rome with Love.

I realized that all of these movies somehow are Freudian. It seems that all of these films explore the possibility of a human being's inner self materializing and manifesting as an external force. It wasn't too strong in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, where it simply documented a bunch of people who were caught in the heat of the moment, but in Midnight in Paris, the main character lives his imagination during the evening. And finally, in To Rome with Love, people's inner thoughts actually come true. An ordinary clerk wants to be famous and so he really becomes famous, while a mortician who only sings in the shower hits it big as an opera singer, taking a shower while performing in front of Roman high society.

I am calling this series a trilogy, but I am not sure whether it was meant to be that way. Regardless, the scenery is amazing. I have only been to Rome, so Barcelona and Paris were pretty much travel eye candy for me. And Rome, it was amazing to see places I have seen back in 2005, still there. I could recognize most of the locations that were featured in the movie, and that was great.

So yes, Woody Allen might be a quirky director, but I kinda enjoy his work. There's always this one quirky character, and it always strikes me as funny. Try watching these three films if you get the chance.

(Head Blobs, from my Museum of Modern Art Series)


  1. I use to like him more when I lived in Europe for some reason. I think the last of his movies I have seen is Vicky Cristina Barcelona, seen in Argentina actually. I enjoyed it though.

    1. Zhu,

      Ah, for me, it's the reverse! I used to not like him, but recently, I have found that I actually like the films that he is making. Although I should see his earlier works, and maybe this theory will not hold. :)