29 March 2013

Museum het Rembrandthuis

One of the museums that I visited while I was in Amsterdam was the Museum het Rembrandthuis, or in English, the Rembrandt House Museum. Yes, this was the actual house of the famous Rembrandt. Before my visit, I didn't really know Rembrandt. Yeah, I knew he existed, but I didn't really know what he did, and why he was famous as an artist. After my visit, I now knew a lot. Well, compared to where I started, that is.

The four pictures you see above are taken from the house part of the whole complex. Rembrandt became rich enough to be able to buy this house back in the days. There's one entrance, Rembrandt's kitchen, and a bed. Notice how short the bed is, apparently because back in the days, people slept sort of sitting up. Not exactly lying down fully horizontally. The reason for this was because they had some weird superstition that one's spirit will exit if they were fully reclined. Weird, but it was reflected on the furniture back in the days.

The upper levels of the house was his studio. And there's also one wing where he held business. Apparently, he was not only an artist, but also an art dealer. He also sold pieces of art made by other people. So there was a huge room where he entertained clients, and showcased new works that needed to be sold.

The last thing in the whole complex was his collection of curious things. On the very top floor, he collected plenty of things, from sculpture to art to seashells to bones. The two pictures above show that.

Overall, this was a good visit. I enjoyed my visit, especially because I also made use of the audio tour, which is complimentary. There are plenty of things to learn, and I spent about at least 2 hours wandering and learning about this talented genius that lived a long long time ago. I definitely recommend a visit to this museum in case you find yourself in Amsterdam one of these days.


  1. Interesting museum. I don't know much about Rembrandt's work actually. I think I would have visited the Van Gogh Museum in Dam, I'm sure there is one and I like his work.

    1. Zhu,

      There is indeed a Van Gogh Museum. Unfortunately, when I was there, it was being renovated so I decided to pass and perhaps do it some other time.