21 June 2013

Green Explosion

I never realized how green Berlin is. There's just so many trees around the city, and there are so many green spaces within the city limits. There are so many parks and meadows, and so there are just plenty of places where one can get out and appreciate greenery and nature.

Of course, when I arrived here back in September, it was already cool and autumn. And winter came soon after that, so I never really noticed the plentiful trees in the city. However, around the first week of May, the weather took a turn for the warmer, and trees started blossoming back their leaves and flowers. Suddenly, there were all these green things I can see from my apartment balcony! And there are plenty of green everywhere I look!

I find it fascinating, that one week things are bleak, and just another week and all the leaves are out. As typical of temperate and northern European cities, the window of warmth in the calendar year is small, so I am capitalizing on this window by doing outdoor stuff here in the city. I haven't been visiting museums in the city for a while, because I am reserving those for the cooler months, when you cannot do things outside because it is cold. While it is warm, I have been doing the Berlin Wall Trail, as well as other things.

If you get a map of Berlin, you'll see how many areas are designated green spaces. The huge Tiergarten in the west, the numerous Volksparks in plenty of districts, there are several lakes that have surrounding parks, like Muggelsee, there's Grunewald, and there are plenty of other parks large and small that I forgot to mention. So yes, there's plenty of opportunities to be out and about here in the city, so no wonder that once the thermometer hit 15 and the sun was out, people were wearing their shirts and shorts and eating ice cream.

I think this is going to be a fabulous summer.


  1. That's funny because I can't help missing parks and "green places" when I am in Europe, compared to Ottawa, a very outdoorsy place!

    1. Zhu,

      I do think that Berlin is exceptional in that case. There's plenty of green spaces within the city. If you look at Google Maps, you'd see it, there's plenty of forests and lakes within city limits, and I think that's atypical compared to other European cities.

  2. I can't imagine living in a big city without a green lung. The idea of seeing nothing but concrete and glass is just too lifeless for me. I'm alive whenever I'm in Central Park or High Line.

    1. Dennis,

      Oh I love the High Line! It's such a great idea to revive something that was in disuse into something that gives freshness to a city, like an old railroad into a park!