26 December 2015

Meandering in Morocco: Bahia Palace

Oh there were plenty of things to see in Marrakech. And yes, here's another one of those amazing buildings and palaces that we have visited when we were there. The Bahia Palace is a palace built in the 19th century, intended to be a marvelous display of Islamic architecture.

The courtyard features the standard Islamic design: the arches, the white spaces, and the colored accents. There is always a basin of water at the middle of the wide area.

As usual, the walls are filled with design; the stucco and the carvings are just sensually overpowering here. What impresses me the most here is seeing how the Islamic architectural style compensated with the lack of statues: because Islam forbids the display of human beings, then there are no statues at all, but this is more than compensated with the other aspects of design, such as tiles and carvings.

Finally, the ceiling. It is just amazing. I have had my camera raised up to capture these amazing scenery for most of the time I was in there.

This is the last entry I have for Marrakech. We have seen quite a bit of the city, but there are plenty of other things that we didn't check out. It was alas time to move, and so my next entry would be about some other place in Morocco. Stay tuned.


  1. Funny that some religion forbids statues (well, the display of human beings) while other just have entire temples... full of statues!

    1. Zhu,

      Yes! I haven't been to India, but that is the impression I get when seeing pictures of Hindu temples!