18 February 2016

Crossing the Road

Last month, when I was visiting my sister in New York City, she introduced me to a video game called Crossy Road. It's a very simple game, the point is to cross the road. Though the default character is a chicken, you can alter your character and be someone else as long as you still want to cross the road. And I have to say it is quite addictive.

However, I also noticed that aside from the desire to beat one's highest score, the game eventually becomes boring. You just cross the road. You dodge cars and trucks, and step on lily pads and floating logs. You also avoid trains. And you try to get coins as you go along. I used to like it, but now, I guess I just use it to detox at the end of the day, after work, and I play a set or two of it.

I have to say though that I find myself reminding myself that I am not a chicken when I cross real roads. I cannot be too risky. That's probably a disadvantage of this game. It makes you think that you're a very amazing chicken that can simply cross the road, and even though you might die if you get hit, you can always play again.

I suppose there isn't a video game that I liked for a long time. Games come and go, and I find it hard to find a game that would definitely capture my attention for the long-term. I suppose this is the reason why I keep on gravitating to books, and I find reading more enjoyable than video games. After all, a book has an end. Games don't necessarily end, you can keep on playing them over and over again.

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