30 April 2016

Am I a Foodie?

I think I have turned into a foodie.

If anything, I should blame my partner for this. I suppose I learned how to appreciate food, or good food rather, because of him. Before, I remember feeling differently about the matter.

See, I love traveling, and I don't mind traveling alone. But I remember feeling that one thing I hate about traveling alone is that I have no restaurant buddy. I hated going to restaurants in foreign places and asking a table for one. Back then, for me eating in a restaurant was a social event, so I felt really awkward doing that when I was by myself. That meant that I really avoided those fancy social looking restaurants, and only went to fast food and communal canteen like establishments. So sure, sometimes I ended up in very good hole in the wall street food establishments, but sometimes I also ended up in McDonald's.

Somehow, that changed.

I don't even recall the last time I ate in McDonald's. Even if I want a burger, I know where to get good ones here in Berlin. And yes, nowadays it doesn't faze me to go to a restaurant and eat by myself.

For example, I was in Bergen the other week, for a short trip. Even before I got to the city, I made a reservation for a table for one at this fancy place. When I got there, the table was waiting for me. They had an interesting menu, and so instead of ordering a starter and a main course, I opted to order three starters instead, as a three-course meal. That way, I would have more chances of tasting what the restaurant had to offer.

Oh, I also learned this trick of ordering just starters from my partner. It's actually a neat trick, after all, most of the time, the starters are more interesting than the main dishes anyway, as I have this impression that starters are more artistic, while main courses are just more quantity. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part this is the case.

Recently, I also feel like I prefer having more quality food than just quantity. I still catch myself not paying attention to what I eat every now and then, but sometimes when I need to get lunch and I haven't brought a lunch box, I would take this as an opportunity to find a new restaurant to try out, or go to a restaurant that I really liked. The other day, I wanted lunch, and for some reason I was craving for burrata, so I went back to the Mozzarella Bar, and had burrata witht grilled vegetables for lunch. I have to say it is the best place to get burrata and other mozzarella cheeses in Berlin!

So yes, I think I am a foodie. And I haven't even talked about what happens in our kitchen.


  1. I'd love to know what happens in your kitchen!

    Funny, I've always seen you as someone who appreciate food, a foodie, yes, I suppose.

    1. Zhu,

      We experiment in the kitchen! I love mixing and matching things that people normally don't think they match: hummus and bananas, serrano ham and Arabian dates, fresh mozzarella with raspberry jam, and so forth. We also cook a lot, and the list of recipes that I have is getting longer and longer, as I love to try new things and new ingredients.