30 June 2017

A Long Weekend in Oslo

My spouse and I seem to have a routine of going somewhere for Easter Weekend. After all, that's a long weekend with a couple of holidays thrown in the middle. Friday is a holiday, and so is Monday, which means that we could go somewhere relatively long without filing too many vacation days. So this year, we opted to go to Oslo. Last year, we traveled within the country, heading to Dresden, but this time we opted to go north to Norway.

This trip was actually a wedding gift of sorts to us. Two friends gave us a guidebook to Norway as inspiration, as they know that we love traveling. So they said that we should go to Oslo, which was a city that neither of us has been to. I have been to Norway before, but only to Bergen, for a few days. So while I am not increasing my country count, I definitely was still looking forward to this trip.

We left on Thursday evening: there was an evening flight from Berlin to Oslo on Norwegian Air Shuttle. When we landed, all we did was take the fast airport train to the center of town, and from there walk to our apartment where we would be staying for 4 nights.

The next day, we explored the city. We went to the Bygd√ły Peninsula by ferry, which was the location of several amazing museums. We checked out the Norwegian Folk Museum, which more or less gave us an introduction to Norwegian culture. We later explored the waterfront area, which was rather swanky.

The day after, we explored Vigeland Park, and checked out museums dedicated to Norwegians, such as Henrik Ibsen. We also took a tour of the Oslo Opera House. Unfortunately, there was nothing interesting that was playing, or else we would have bought a ticket to watch.

I must say that I learned a lot in this visit. We also visited the Fram Museum, which was a museum dedicated to polar exploration. After all, Norway excels in this craft, with Roald Amundsen being the person who successfully launched expeditions to both the North and South Poles, as well as the Northwest Passage. I definitely enjoyed that museum, and I learned a lot.

Aside from this, we also checked out the castle, and its surrounding museums.

But more importantly, we enjoyed Norwegian food. Again, we sampled whale. Though I must say, I am not a big fan of whale steak, as I do not enjoy steak in general. But every now and then, tasting the different meat is indeed a pleasure. And I must say, Oslo has some interesting restaurants! We basically sampled a wide swath of Norwegian cuisine, from traditional to modern, and I must say we were quite pleased.

Of course, there are pictures to come, and detailed posts about the individual things we saw. But here's an outline for now. Stay tuned.

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