20 August 2018

Prancing Again in Paris: Musée national des arts asiatiques (Musée Guimet)

On our final day in Paris, we opted to visit the Guimet Museum. This museum is located in the 16th arrondissement, which is a fancy and swanky neighbourhood, where plenty of embassies are located. So after checking out, we stored our bags in the hotel, and headed west.

The Guimet Museum is a fantastic museum, hosting one of the largest collections of Asian art outside of Asia. If you're interested in seeing statues of Buddhist and Hindu deities, then this is the place to go. For me, it was more a vicarious travelling experience, seeing artefacts from Asia even though I was well located in Europe.

I definitely enjoyed my visit. I spent at least two hours viewing ancient statues from the Han dynasty, stupas and other Buddhist relics from Afghanistan, and many other things. Visiting museums such as these definitely fuel my wanderlust, I must say. And yes, this place is also very educational, and allows visitors to see how beliefs can be different outside of one's borders.

In any case, it was time to say goodbye to Paris. After our visit, we found a nice little bistro at the corner near the museum and had lunch. Afterward, it was time to go home. So we headed back to our hotel, picked up our luggage, and headed back to the airport.

My next post takes us to another adventure, so stay tuned!

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